F//AAT is a Brussels-based duo with a collective interest in objects, the spatiality of things, as well as their relationship to time and memory. A collab between the individual practices of architecture and scenography. The duo has been active since early 2023, working on object methodology, developing practice frameworks, as well as the intense collection and examination of objects in Belgium and farther afield. 
The duo consists of Kaat and Fiachra. Kaat is practicing in scenography and art directing with a background in sculpture, with a degree in Theatre,- and Moviescience. Fiachra is a freelance architect and artist working primarily in the renovation of derelict structures and the practice of alternative restoration. Their communal interest collides within the understanding and reading of spaces and both are intrigued in objects that carry value within themselves. Their complementary skill set has led them to work more intensely on their joint practice, letting them wander freely in each other's field of study. Resulting in deeply driven object-oriented research with simultaneous practice with found and new objects, capturing a world that is consistently around us, but often overlooked. 
The so called objects that F//AAT handles vary from lost relics in urban space to abstract sculptures that play with texture and storytelling. With main topics explored cross in between body/objects - liveness/stillness - home/estrangement. F//AAT values connection to each other and one another in space.

photo by @femke.appeltans
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